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Dan Garrett

Dan is a native Oklahoman and has his studio in the suburb of Choctaw. Exposed to art at an early age, Dan has experimented with many art forms and is now working with metal and mixed-media as his preferred medium.




Jean Longo

Annalisa is an Oklahoma artist and arts enthusiast. She relishes the experiences that living in Oklahoma affords her, including the support of fellow and future  artists through arts leadership roles and teaching. Annalisa is proud to be a part of the artistic energy of our state.

As a teaching artist, Annalisa uses media, process and play, to help students experiment and explore creative thinking. Teacher and student experience expression of a moment or thought visually together. Receiving the 2011 Michi Susan Award and other awards for her art, teaching is still her greatest joy and fuel for her personal works.

As a professional artist, Annalisa uses a mixture of media to express unexpected moments of life in her work. A chance encounter on the street or a moment in her backyard may inspire her to put on paper or canvas her response to that moment. Annalisa believes life's moments are blessed and work capturing.

She is blessed to own Brayer&Brush and share this space with other Oklahoma Creative Thinkers.

Annalisa Campbell

"My paintings are created as reactions to incidents, conversations, or dreams. I find great inspirations from nature, particularly the different texture of objects, and I enjoy superimposing shapes of both natural and artificial origin. I work in oil paints, primarily on watercolor paper. I begin each painting with an idea in mind, yet this idea may change as the image or textures send me in another direction."  Jean is one of the original Brayer&Brush gallery artists.



"As a youth, I broke many bones. As a young adult, I fractured my mind. It seemed that at the very beginning of my career, it was suddenly over. I thought that since I couldn't control my mind all the time that all was lost."  Suzanne is one of the original Brayer&Brush gallery artists



Suzanne Henthorn

Carol Webster

Carol is a long-time decorative painter who specializes in cabinets and furniture. She has been teaching DIY painting workshops for the last five years. Recently, she became interested in using paint and mixed-media to create her interpretation of life - unpredictable, sometimes messy, but always interesting.


“To me, life is lived in layers, lots of things going on at once and that is how I create my art.  As a mixed-media artist, I use layers of papers, metallics, and different tools to apply paint adding texture and interest. Like in life, something unsuspected shows up.”



Rebecca is from Broken Arrow, OK. Her works range from wonderful acrylic portraits on used newsprint to abstract landscapes on canvas. Many of Becky's works travel with her on the festival circuit, but we are blessed to have some of her large landscapes in the gallery at this time.

Rebecca Mannschreck


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